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X-Tinxion is winner of the NL Wacken Metal Battle 2011
X-Tinxion is a thrash metal formation with its own, distinctive sound. While primarily a thrash band, X-Tinxion incorporates influences from other genres, blending fast, old-school thrash metal riffs with melodic passages to create something truly unique. Edgy solos, bold drum work, and a tight, on-stage performance blend together with quality songwriting and smart, witty lyrics that take a hold of you with catchy melodies. Vocally, XTinxion goes above and beyond the female-fronted thrash band, with soaring vocals and a massive range that alternates from haunting screams to dark grunts and growls to create a sound that is simultaneously aggressive and melodic. Together, these qualities allow X-Tinxion to bridge the gap between modern and authentic nostalgic thrash.
X-Tinxion plays tight, energetic live shows, and often shares the stage with great bands like: Heathen, Channel Zero, The Charm The Fury, Benedictum, Nuclear Assault, Flesh Made Sin, Thanatos, Stormrider, Eminence (ex-Sepeltura), Perzonal War, The Gathering, Udo, Vengeance, Detonation, Bliksem, Izegrim, Evil Invaders and Drone.
Currently X-Tinxion is working together with Serge Naberman ( Rebelstar / Najib Amhali) to record and produce the full-length album “From the Ashes of Eden”.
As a prelude, to “From the Ashes of Eden” X-Tixnion released the Maxi-single “Severed from Heaven” March 2015, presented on recomamendation of Sander Gommans (After Forever/HDK).




Monica Janssen : Vocals
Sepp Coeck : Guitar
Kornee Kleefman : Bass guitar
Peter van Toren : Drums



For bookings contact Peter van Toren. Please use the CONTACT FORM to send your message.

X-Tinxion Live

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  • 28.09.2018
    Conrad leaves X-Tinxion. You can read a little something we wrote about it HERE...

  • 29.10.2017
    X-Tinxion had their first experience with England last weekend. We had a blast, and felt like sharing a few of these moments with you. You can find this at our videopage.

  • 25.09.2017
    So... a lot of time has passed since we did an update at our newsfeed: a few weeks ago our new videoclip was released. This can be found at our videopage.

  • 10.06.2016
    We are proud to present to you our full-length album! From The Ashes Of Eden is, from this moment on, a FACT!

  • 01.02.2016
    For those of you who haven't got it yet...now is the time! Soon the full-length From The Ashes Of Eden will be released and the Maxi-single will become a rare and must-have collecters item. Get it now!

  • 05.01.2016
    Our temporary bassplayer Kornee Kleefman firmly decided to remain with the group. Welcome dude!!!

  • 29.06.2015
    X-Tinxion launched there new Videoclip " The Divine " ( Feat. George Oosthoek ) taken from the Live X-Tinxion DVD/BluRay,...

  • 20.06.2015
    X-Tinxion launched there new Promoclip - maxi single "Severed From Heaven" Preview of the upcoming album "From the Ashes of Eden"
    Maxi Single is now available at the X-Tinxion Merchandise store.

  • 15.06.2015
    X-Tinxion finished a successful first rehearsal with new bass player Kornee Kleefman.

  • 30.05.2015
    After 3 years of ultimate thrashing, X-Tinxion and bassist Haico have decided to take different turns on the highway of music. Thanks and Horns up for Haico!